Fisher Paykel Lady Zest Q CPAP Nasal Mask Petite 400447
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Fisher Paykel Lady Zest Q CPAP Nasal Mask Petite 400447

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  • Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 400447
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Fisher Paykel Lady Zest Q CPAP Nasal Mask Petite 400447





Quiet and Lightweight CPAP Mask with Headgear

The Lady Zest Q is like the normal Zest Q, just smaller, and with a flowery pink patterned design. The device comes with dual-strapped wraparound headgear that holds the mask in place, and the Lady Zest Q's FlexiFit design provides you with an ergonomic mask that will attach to your face without leaking. The mask has a flexible tube that lets you sleep comfortably in any position.

FlexiFit Technology

Fisher and Paykel's FlexiFit technology accomodates to a range of facial shapes, letting the device adjust to faces of all sizes. FlexiFit technology combines two layers of cushion support: the foam cushion on the inside of the mask supports and cushions your face, while the outer membrane prevents leaks.

Glider Strap

The glider strap is an anti-leak system that lets you move around at night while maintaining a lasting seal, even if you like to sleep on your back or toss and turn at night.

Elite Air Diffuser

Fisher and Paykel redesigned their diffuser to reduce the noise associated with respirating through a CPAP mask. The Zest Q has a new hole formation in the elbow, allowing for air to diffuse away from you and your partner.


  • It's So Quiet, They Put "Q" In The Name 
  • Sleep in Any Position 
  • Two Lady Sizes Available 


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