Nuance Pro Gel CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask 1105167
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Nuance Pro Gel CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask 1105167

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  • Manufacturer: Respironics
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Nuance Pro Gel CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask 




Includes the following:


Pillows (Small, Medium and Large)


Swivel Tube

The Nuance and Nuance Pro CPAP nasal pillow masks were designed with a gel nasal pillow to perfectly conform to your face creating a seal that will improve your CPAP therapy without causing irritation to your face and nasal area. There are three different sizes of pillow cushions that come with your Nuance; small, medium, and large, allowing for you to test all three to determine the best fit. You can also find replacement cushions (turn into link for the replacements) when you know what size fits best, extending the life of the mask and allowing for maximum comfort at all times. Air is routed towards the direction of the short tube thanks to exhalation ports, meaning air will flow in the same direction of the short tube that is most comfortable to the CPAP user.

Nuance Pro Gel Mask - Silicone Frame with Gel Pads

The Nuance CPAP mask comes with gel pads that soften the mask feel near the cheek area increasing your comfort. The frame itself is made of silicone that is flexible allowing for increased comfort during CPAP therapy. Best of all, the silicone frame is light weight and easy to travel with.

Short Tube for Improved Flexibility

Creating a buffer between the longer hose from your CPAP machine and the gel nasal pillow which allows for improved flexibility during CPAP therapy. Movement during use will not cause the seal to break thanks to the swivel connected to the short tubing. The short tube can also be moved over the top of the head to keep the hose away from the users face during CPAP therapy.


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