Respironics DreamStation Auto BiPAP with Humidifier DSX700T11

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Respironics DreamStation Auto BiPAP with Humidifier and Heated Tube DSX700T11



  • DreamStation Auto BiPap Machine
  • Humidifier
  • Heated Tube
  • Reusable Filter - inserted
  • Disposable Filter
  • SD Card - inserted
  • 80W Power Supply with Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Travel Bag

DreamStation AUTO BIPAP

Auto-Adjusting Therapy

It is a bilevel machine that provides one distinct higher pressure for inhalation, and a separate lower pressure for exhalation. During therapy the machine will monitor the user on a breath-by-breath basis and remain at a lower pressure until an event is detected. When an event is detected that requires a higher pressure, the machine will automatically increase to the needed pressure and return to a lower pressure when the event has concluded

DreamStation BiPAP Auto

Designed with user in mind, the DreamStation Auto BiPAP is equip with a front facing display that uses clean and uncomplicated menus and icons. With chic graphical interface and large color LCD screen, CPAP therapy has never been easier. DreamStation’s elegant and straightforward design is a breath of fresh air for sleep therapy patients who are used to the traditional, bulky, heavy, and not so user friendly CPAP machines. DreamStation BiPAP Auto’s settings can be adjusted while laying down or sitting up in bed also equip with ambient light sensors that adjusts display brightness automatically. Modern and light weight, the sleek Respironics Dreamstation CPAP is an excellent addition to any nightstand.

Advanced BiPAP Technology

With advanced technology the DreamStation BiPAP Auto will supply users with one specific high pressure on inhalation, and a lower pressure on exhalation. Allowing for a more natural breathing, the BiPAP Auto monitors breathing patterns, automatically adjusting inhalation and exhalation levels to assure users are receiving the most from BiLevel pressure for a satisfying and comfortable sleep.

Heated Humidifier and Heated Tubing (Optional)

Want to minimize dry mouth and throat? Add (optional) Heated Humidifier and heated tubing. The humidifier can be attached to DreamStation BiPAP Auto for a more effective therapy and polished looked. The DreamStation Heated Humidifier is ready to be set to 1 of 2 modes. Standard mode allows the Heated Humidifier to act like an ordinary heated humidifier, heating the same pre-selected temperature level throughout the night. Adaptive mode distributes an exact level of humidification selected by the user. In “Adaptive” mode heated humidifier settings will not be effected by outside elements such as room temperature or external humidity. Amplify your Sleep Therapy by adding Heated Tubing to help protect from rain out, dry mouth and throat.

Built In Bluetooth

Each Dreamstation BiPAP made by Respironics includes built-in Bluetooth and an SD Data Card. To view a detailed Sleep Progress report “My Info” portion of the menu allows users access to a summary data from the past 30 days, can also be viewed with DreamMapper App (iPhone, iPad and Android).




Fixed CPAP
Fixed BiPAP



Pressure Range

4 to 25 cm H2O

Flex Comfort


Humidification Modes (3)

Fixed Adaptive Heated Tube

Mask Type Resistance Control


Ramp (5-45 minutes)

Standard SmartRamp

Altitude Compensation


Advanced Event Detection


Flow Waveforms


Modem Compatibility

Standard (optional Cellular Modem or Wi-Fi Accessory)

Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity


DreamMapper Compatibility

Standard (by mobileapp or web)

Oximetry Compatibility

Standard (optional Nonin accessories)

Check Mask Fit feature


Performance Check


Dimensions - Machine Alone:

Approx. 7.6 in W x 6.2 in L x 3.3 in H

Dimensions - Machine with Optional Heated Humidifier (Excluding Air Outlet Port):

Approx. 11.7 in L x 7.6 in W x 3.3 in H

Weight - Machine Alone:

Approx. 1.56 lbs (24.96 oz)

Weight - Machine with Optional Heated Humidifier and Power Supply:

Approx. 4.37 lbs

Dimensions - 80W Power Supply:

5.5 in L x 2.75 in W x 1.5 in H

Weight - 80W Power Supply (Without Cord):

1.03 lbs (16.42 oz)

Weight - 80W Power Supply (With Cord):

1.21 lbs (19.424 oz)

Power Consumption: 80W Power Supply:

100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A

Noise Level - Machine Alone:

25.8 dBA

Noise Level - Machine with Optional Humidifier:

27.9 dBA

Water Capacity - OPTIONAL Humidifier:

325 mL

Materials - Reusable Filter (Dark Blue):


Materials - Disposable Filter (Light Blue):

Blended Synthetic Fiber

Operating Temperature:

41° - 95° F (5° - 35° C)

Storage Temperature:

-4° - 140° F (-20° - 60° C)

Relative Humidity - Operating & Storage:

15 - 95% (Non-Condensing)

Atmospheric Pressure:

101 - 77 kPA (0 - 7500 ft)















































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